Customer Development

Customer Development is the process by which leaders pursuing new business growth opportunities search for a repeatable, scalable business model.

By leveraging the Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas frameworks, new business opportunities are quickly understood in simple-to-understand terms and then iteratively inspected and evolved so as to reduce risk, avoid unnecessary spend on development, sales and marketing, and communicated effectively with stakeholders to ensure alignment and buyin.

  • Channel effectiveness and expansion plans
  • Go to market readiness including compelling value proposition, competitive differentiation and positioning, prioritized and quantified target markets, value-based pricing
  • Customer discovery, adoption and retention
  • Engagement strategies to sell to, or sell thru, or be a better partner to, wireless carriers and other service providers
  • Ecosystem business development &
    partner programs
  • Market-driven product planning & innovation
  • Product-to-Service business model transitions

Market Operations are the business processes by which you increase operations, sales or marketing effectiveness. 

By being customer-obsessed and proactively implementing mobile-enablement of your business functions you can accelerate revenue growth, lower channel and operations costs, improve the learn, buy, get, use, pay, service (LBGUPS) experiences for your customers and extend your competitive differentiation.

Market Operations

  • IoT implementations
  • Business process mobile enablement
  • Customer experience enhancement & mobile applications
  • Technology-driven operational efficiency
  • Customer executive advisory board facilitation
  • Branding & packaging
  • Demand generation, awareness & adoption marketing programs
  • Innovation framework & culture